Selective Licensing could come to Telford - What is it ? What affect will it have?

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Selective Licensing could come to Telford - What is it ? What affect will it have?

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:38 pm

Telford and Wrekin Council want to introduce Selective Licensing in certain areas of Telford.
(Hadley, Leegomery, Malinslee, Hollinswood, Brookside, Sutton Hill, Woodside...  and that is just the start)

They say they are doing this to improve certain areas of Telford.

Selective Licensing is supposed to be a "Last Resort" action for a council when they have "problem" areas with "Houses rented by Private Landlords".

There is no licensing required for houses owned by Wrekin Housing Trust. (They are exempt under the 2004 housing act)

The idea is to remove problems with Fly Tipping, Crime, Anti-social behaviour etc.

Do YOU think a "Selective License" will solve all these problems?  Or do you think this will "Label" these areas as "Problem areas"?

If you agree with licensing then please comment and explain how how you think it will work.

If you disagree with licensing - please come up with alternative proposals - Telford & Wrekin Council NEED your help.

There is a Landlords association in Telford called "Wrekin Landlords Association".

Whilst they represent Landlords - they like to think they represent GOOD landlords.  If you have a problem with YOUR Landlord - then tell Wrekin Landlords - they might be able to help - or at least give you some advice.  If YOU are a Landlord - and you not a member - then why not think about joining for £20 per year ? ... and a "free" Dinner Dance once a year included!

Here: Wrekin Landlords Association

Wrekin Landlords, try to encourage good landlords.  A good landlord - means a happy Tenant - something everybody wants.

If you have anything to say on this matter - Tenant, Landlord or Private House owner (or even a Wrekin Housing Trust tenant) - please join our forum and have your say!

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What's not to like ?

Post by Sparky Magic on Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:26 pm

Smile  Surely this must be good for Tenants.  I've read the information from Wrekin Council and it all makes sense... What is the problem ??  is this a just sour grapes from landlords because they don't like paying out ?  Won't this make things better for tenants ?
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Areas will degenerate...

Post by Electric Warrior on Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:21 am

If these areas are really as bad to live in as T&W Council allege they are... why would anyone want to move there?

Even if this licensing doesn't take place, the areas have already been identified and recorded as places to avoid.

Landlords are now going to have problems getting good tenants (they will have to take what they can).

People will have difficulty selling - and so may end up selling cheaply to "bad landlords" who will hold two fingers to the council (or 1 if they are truly lazy!)

This will drive the standards in the area even lower, - more empty houses, more vandalism...

I see this as a downward spiral - and I guess it has already started - Check out Right Move and Zoopla in a few months time for "length of time on the market" ... and "price drops"...

I have heard that "certain categories" of tenant are exempt from Landlord licenses - example "Ex-convicts on Parole".... so this may be a market for Landlords to persue to avoid all the "additional" (over and above present UK law) requirements and administration costs of a License - and provide the Landlord with "less fussy" tenants ?

I don't think it is just Landlords that will lose - I think all the communities will lose...

This is a backward step.

Would it not be better for the council to spend some money and "promote" these areas as "areas for improvement" - get the local communities on board - visit or at least contact the owners (and tenants where applicable as they could also be responsible) in the "improve your area" campaign.  This could be a lot more effective and I would expect have the backing of many of the local landlords as long-term it improves their business.

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Re: Selective Licensing could come to Telford - What is it ? What affect will it have?

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